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“Simply put, Hamlin and Associates has our best at heart, not their own.”

David Maus - David Maus Automotive Group

JM Lexus

A client since 2004


“With Hamlin & Associates, O'Brien Auto Park has had great success in targeting customers and guiding them into our dealership to create sales opportunities”

Jim Turner, President - O’Brien Automotive Team

“Their dedication to our success is second to none in the industry.”

Pasquale Genova, Director of Business Development - Lexus of Englewood

“Their mail is spot on and always very targeted.”

Tony Cutrone, General Manager - Gatorland Toyota - Gettel Automotive Group


Welcome to Hamlin and Associates. For over 20 years, we have been delivering market leading results to our clients. This is best demonstrated by the tenure of the relationships we have built and enjoy within the market. What makes us unique and different? Let’s start with what we are not. Most of our competitors continue to use decade’s old strategies and practices, focused on maximizing the size of their mail drop, with little regard for results and cost effectiveness. More often than not, this leads to disappointment, and a revolving door of direct mail companies. Our focus is simple – to align you directly with your customer’s needs and wants at exactly the right time. We accomplish this through programs and software that are unique to Hamlin and Associates. Don’t just take our word for it; see what some of the most prominent people in the industry are saying about us.

-John Hamlin



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