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Our Services

Our goal is to provide our clients consistent results through custom designed database marketing software. Our marketing initiatives are executed through various mediums- direct mail, e-mail marketing, and through training with our proprietary software.


Database Direct Mail

We provide our clients with the ability to identify and strategically target individuals in their database who would benefit most from customized marketing campaigns such as saturation mail, lease end renewal, equity mining and lease retention.


Conquest Mail

We offer our clients a complete set of marketing campaigns designed to grow their business, such as lease conquest, service conquest, VIN specific conquest, your direct competitor’s database, saturation and commercial mail. Messages that are specific to your markets, for your zip codes.


Email Marketing

We offer a comprehensive suite of email marketing solutions to reach your customer with strategies such as database, conquest and saturation e-mail.


Online Database CRM

It’s your data, you own it, you can use it 24/7. In ten seconds, with three clicks, we can give you a complete bio of your customer based on 50 different point queries. For instant marketing, outbound phone calls, there at your dealership via secure login and password.


Extensive Event Sales Training

Our sales training curriculum is written by world renowned Grant Cardone and is customized for each event. This puts you and your staff in the best possible position to convert your marketing efforts into real results.

Our marketing is a personal invitation directly from you to your customers, for what they are trying to accomplish. Our call to action is surgical and based on your customers’ needs and wants,


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